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More Regulatory Signs: USA Traffic Signs

Speed Regulation (R2 Series)

Speed Limit 5Speed Limit 20Speed Limit 30Reduced Speed 30 MPHSpeed Limit 35
Speed Limit 40Speed Limit 45Reduced Speed 45 AheadSpeed Limit 50

Turn and Lane Regulation (R3 Series)

No Left TurnNo Right TurnNo Right TurnNo Left TurnNo Right TurnNo U TurnLeft Turn OnlyRight Turn OnlyStraight OnlyStraight / Right Lane ControlLeft Lane Must Turn LeftRight Lane Must Turn RightLane Control SignNo Left TurnNo Right Turn

Movement Regulation (R4)

No Right TurnKeep RightKeep RightKeep Right

Selective Exclusion (R5)

Heavy Trucks ProhibitedHeavy Trucks ProhibitedNo TrucksNo Trucks Over 5 Tons Gross WeightNo TrucksNo TrucksTruck EntranceOne Way Do Not EnterDo Not EnterWrong Way

One Way and Divided Highway (R6)

One WayOne WayOne WayDivided HighwayDivided Highway

Traffic Signal Signs (R10 Series)

No Turn On RedWait Delayed SignalLeft on Arrow OnlyLeft Turn Yield On Green

Pedestrian and Bicycle (R9 Series)

Keep Left / RightNo Skateboards or Rollerblades

Weight Limit (R12 Series)

Weight Load Limit 3 TonsWeight Limit 3 TonsWeight Limit 9 Tons
Weight Limit 10 TonsWeight Limit 12 TonsWeight Limit 5 Tons Gross