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News & Updates

General Updates

All signs added to the site after October 2005 include a "larger view" that will pop up if you click on the sign. In time, all signs on the site will include a larger view.

Signs with an orange border are new to the collection.

March 2008

Signs added this month:

No Right TurnBike Route (D11-1)M35 - Michigan Highway Marker

February 2008

Signs added this month:

Indiana 9 Route Marker SignPavement EndsSignal Ahead (W3-3)Roundabout

January 2008

I updated the Blog with a lengthy explanation and apology in disguise about how busy 2007 was, and how this site and my hobby was put on the back, back, back burner. I also added the Video section to post some cool signs and signals I find on the Web.

Signs added this month:

T Intersection with Marble ReflectorsTruck RolloverSlowYellow on Yellow Object Marker (CM-9)
To Auxillary PlateDivided HighwayDouble Arrow Auxillary Plate (M6-4)Customer ParkingUse Meter on Drivers Sode

September 2006

Signs added this month:

Indiana Adopt-A-HighwaySlow ChildrenSlow Children at PlayLeft Turn Yield On GreenArrow

August 2006

I created a Blog, where I will spew more information about signs and signals than you may ever care to know. I have to get it off my chest somehow.

Signs added this month:

ToIndiana 249Keep RightPark Ave.

June 2006

Busy spring. Happy summer. My regular job has kept me extremely busy, and I have completely neglected maintaining this site. Unfortunately, it's only going to get busier.

Not to mention the fact that I hardly have time for the hobby itself. On top of that, I refuse to pay outrageous prices to bloodsucker sellers on eBay anymore, and I'm simply tired of competing with millionaire bidders who are just trying to make a buck. The excitement of the hobby is slowly dying out.

Still, new signs and links are coming soon... when time permits, of course.

Signs added this month:

DipDipNo U TurnSchool Bus StopCountry Club

March 2006

Soft re-launch of, with a slightly modified layout. The site's logo and a few title graphics have been set using a mimic of "Clearview", a new typeface that some states use on their highway signs as a (supposedly) more-readable alternative. I figure I'd give it a whirl. You be the judge.

You can download the Clearview look-alike, as well as some really cool arrows and sign backs, at Roadgeek's site.

December 2005

Signs added this month:

Pedestrian Crossing

November 2005

Signs added this month:

No U TurnUS Route 12 Highway SignArrowUse Meter on Left Side of CarSoft Shoulder

October 2005

Signs added this month:

Neighborhood Crime WatchDog WasteDon't Be A Litter BugNo Overnight ParkingSpeed Limit 5Soft Shoulder

October 22: Added the News & Updates section

October 20: I'm 100% caught up on photographing all of the latest signs in my collection. Now comes the joyous task of Photoshop work, color correction, etc. The latest additions are marked with orange borders.

In the News has been mentioned on the following Web sites:

MM1121 - Information Design - Art Institute of California @ San Diego
This course on information design uses as a reference on signs and symbols during the first week of class. To illustrate the importance of communicating using symbols, the class' first assignment is to create three road signs that use graphics instead of type to convey a message. (The "web master" of majored in Journalism Graphics at Ball State University in Muncie, IN, and also taught a cour se on New Media design in the same department.)

TGIF - Web Search Fun Site Roundup (February 3, 2006) was listed in Wendy Boswell's column as a "crazy/wacky/fun site to get the weekend started off right."

Permitido Coleccionar Carteles Viales (January 28, 2006)
"Pese a que suelen ser ignorados por conductores y peatones, los carteles viales tienen cierto atractivo. A tal punto, que un estadounidense se dedica a coleccionarlos.

'Carteles Dementes', en japonés, o importados, nada de eso parece importarle a Steve Salcedo, un coleccionista de señales viales que comparte sus adquisiciones a través de Internet.

Al ingresar a lo que él denomina su 'Loco Hobby', lo primero que aclara es que, a diferencia de lo que sucede en la ciudad austríaca de F-ing, él no roba los carteles sino que los compra en depósitos, mercados de pulgas, ferias o bien a través de contactos en el departamento de obras públicas.

Con más de 350 piezas, la colección de Steve incluye viejas señales de advertencia, estacionamiento, nombres de calles, semáforos y hasta algunas señales poco convencionales.

Si desea apreciar todos los carteles, junto con una detallada descripción de cada uno, ingrese a 'My Crazy Hobby' y, por primera vez, présteles atención."

Masser af trafikskilte (October 2005)

"Verden er forunderlig. Se blot på denne hjemmeside, som bestyres af en 23-årig mand, der er fuldstændig pjattet med noget så ophidsende som trafikskilte. Han bedyrer allerede fra første færd - nemlig på forsiden - at han ikke har stjålet skiltene. Næh, han har såmænd købt skiltene på netauktioner. Manden, der for resten hedder Steve, har været besat af trafikskilte siden han var barn, og han har i årenes løb fotograferet mere end 200 skilte, som han altså nu har lagt online, så alle i verden får glæde af hans imponerende arbejde.

Hjemmesiden er delt op i kategorier, så skiltene ikke bare står og flyder hulter til bulter. Det går jo ikke, for uorden i trafikskilte kan medføre alvorlige skader. Derfor har Steve delt skiltene op efter type, så stopskilte ikke er blandet sammen med fartskilte. Alle hans advarselsskilte er således heller ikke mikset sammen med parkeringsskiltene, og sådan kunne jeg blive ved. Foruden skilte samler Steve også på trafiksignaler, og der er da også mange flotte af slagsen på hans hjemmeside, hvis navn vel egentlig rummer en hel del selvironi. (min skøre hobby) siger jo mere om sitet, end man sådan lige synes. Steves arbejde med trafiksituationen har været enorm, og det har arbejdet med hjemmesiden sikkert også."

Antiques & Collecting Newsletter (August 1, 2005)
"The owner of this site collects street signs, traffic signs, road signs, traffic lights and signals. He has over 350 of them and defensively makes it clear that he does not steal the signs. He gets them from flea markets, antique stores, visiting local street departments and eBay. Browse through vintage stop signs or examine speed limit placards from the 1950s. Did you know that yellow stop signs were used until the 1950s?"

WorldStart Computer Tips & Computer Help - Amanda's Cool Site (July 8, 2005)
"Welcome to 'My Crazy Hobby' a site maintained by a 23 year-old web designer with a love for traffic signs. If you want to learn more about him and the purpose of the site, read the "about" section.

The site is broken up into different kinds of traffic signs and signals: Stop & Yield, Regulatory, Rail Road, Warning, Parking, Guide, Street Name, Construction, Signals, and Miscellaneous.

Click on the pictures to get to the sections. To the side the title of the section will come up when you mouse over the images. Once you've chosen the section you want begin your exploration. With well over 200 signs and signals you'll have quite an exploration on your hands.

It was really neat to see all these different signs, and I hope that you'll enjoy them as much as I did."

Yahoo! Picks (June 26, 2005)
"Steve collects street signs and traffic signals. At last count, he had over 350 of them. (It's important to note that Steve's collection is 100% legal -- he's naturally pretty defensive about this.) When he's not hunting down every permutation of street marker, Steve designs web sites -- and it shows. My Crazy Hobby is clean, fluid, and informative. Steve presents his signs as a sleek array of thumbnails, rather than a cumbersome click-through album. He provides pithy captions. He offers cool "roll-over" perspectives. As a result, you can browse through vintage stop signs or examine speed limit placards from the 1950s. If you stop and yield to this site, you may exceed your two-hour parking limit. Consider this a warning."

Mike's Collection of Traffic Lights, Signs, Plates & More
"Steve from Indiana runs this highly-professional looking signal and road sign site.  He keeps a great deal of photos on all of his pieces and now has an online store where you can purchase some neat traffic light-related goods like stickers and postcards, etc.  In my opinion, Steve has the best site design of all signal sites."