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Help build a directory of sign and signal Web sites. If you maintain a Web site about sign and signal collecting, or know of a sign and signal-related Web site, e-mail to submit the link. I ask that you also link to ( on your site.



  • "He Was Doing What He Loved" - Daily News-Record (Harrisonburg, VA) article about a fellow collector and city worker who was fatally injured in an accident while working on a traffic light.
  • IMSA Journal: Collecting Traffic Signals - An article about the "increasing number of people around the world ... who collect traffic signals and related equipment."

Blogs, Clubs & Groups

Design & Reference

  • ClearviewHwy - The official site of ClearviewHwy, the first federally-approved road guide sign font system.
  • RoadGeek Fonts - Download very good imitations of the typefaces used on traffic signs, as well as arrows, symbols, sign backs and more.
  • Michigan Route Markers: The Clearview Future - An analysis of the Clearview font system on Michigan's highway signs.
  • Manual of Traffic Signs - A great alternative to the MUTCD, this independent site is maintained by an Arizona traffic engineer and offers accurate EPS and PDF illustrations of traffic signs, as well as other information about sign design and standards.
  • Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices - The MUTCD defines the standards used by road managers nationwide to install and maintain traffic control devices. Documentation is available for download in PDF format, including the SHS Book, which contains blueprints and specifications of all MUTCD-approved signs.
  • Shields-Up! - A free highway shields generator.
  • State of California Sign Charts (1990)
  • Sign Maker - Create highway signs using a free Java Applet.
  • US Highway Old Style Font - Download a re-creation of the typeface used on old highway signs. (A $5 contribution to the creator is encouraged.)
  • US Road Signs - Download more than 300 signs in EPS, PNG or GIF format - free!


  • Road Sign Math - A digital camera, GPS (optional) and some basic math skills can make your next road trip a little more exciting with this interactive game based around numbers on highway signs.
  • Stop Sign Stickers - "Stop Stickers" are made to be stuck under "Stop" on stop signs, and are available in everything from political statements ("Stop Bush" or "Stop Blaming Bush") to just plain humorous ("Stop - Hammer Time").


History & Documentation


  • - "The #1 Fire Hydrant Information Source" featuring a photo gallery indexed by manufacturer, technical information and fire hydrant collections.
  • - This gallery of manhole covers from around the world lets users submit new photos, as well as vote on the pictures in the galleries.

Nostalgia (Highway-related roadside attractions)

  • American Highway Project - The American Highway Project uses photography to document vanishing Americana such as motels, billboards, service stations, highway signs, tourist attractions, drive-in theatres and diners.
  • Gas Signs - Not quite street signs, but this site is chock-full of images (old and new) of gas stations and gas station signs, categorized by company name.
  • - Features a section of Roadside Art that showcases vintage advertising signs.
  • Ohio Barns - Features advertising barns and covered bridges.
  • Roadside Architecture - One man's photo documentary of nostalgic gas stations, drive-inns, highways, restaurants and more.

Professional Organizations


Sign Collections

  • California Traffic Signs - A personal collection of porcelain signs erected by the Auto Club of Southern California, and other California highway-related memorabilia.

Sign Sightings (Photos of posted signs from around the U.S.)

Sign & Signal Manufacturers

  • Street Signs USA - Suppliers of traffic signs and road signs, street signs, safety signs, patriotic stickers and American flag decals.

Traffic Light Collections

Traffic Light Sightings (Photos of posted signs from around the U.S.)