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FAQ & Contact

I love receiving "fan mail." However, due to the volume of inquiries received about the site, please read the FAQ below before sending a specific question. Your question may already be answered.

What kind of signs do you collect?

I collect what is most commonly referred to as street signs, traffic signs, road signs, etc. I also collect traffic lights and signals. This includes most traffic control devices posted by city and state street departments, highway departments or departments of public works in the United States. This does not include advertising signs, real estate signs, neon signs or business identification signs.

Where can I find signs?

Sometimes rummaging through flea markets or antique stores can be rewarding, but it can also take time. Other than visiting local street departments to keep my collection going, I search eBay often, and am always able to find signs that are not in my collection.

How do I steal a sign?

My suggestion is to not steal them. I didn't steal my signs. You shouldn't steal yours. Giving sign theft advice would jeopardize my hobby and the entire collection, as I would be partly liable for your stupidity. Just shell out $40 and buy a sign.

Are your signs for sale?

I occasionally sell duplicates of signs that are in my collection on eBay. Signs posted on this site are not for sale.

Can we borrow or rent your signs for a special occasion, like a party or a play?

Due to high shipping costs and possible damage, I do not loan or rent my signs.

I have a (insert sign here). How much it is worth?

It really depends on the type of sign, and how much collectors are willing to pay for it. I look at my collection as a hobby, rather than as a monetary investment. If you want to know how much your sign is worth, list it on eBay and you'll find out. (Tip: To determine a starting price, perform a search first to see if there are similar signs listed. If someone else is selling a STOP sign for $5.00, you're probably not going to get $30.00 for yours.)

Why do you like signs so much? Why a sign collection?

Not sure. It all started years ago when I was young, and I would make my mom read all of the signs on the highway. It developed into me drawing my own sign catalogs and driver's manuals, to having a full collection.

Where do you keep your signs? Are they displayed?

I do not have the time or the space to display all of my signs. They are currently kept in storage; I use this site as a virtual display. My long-term plans are to build shelving units to store the signs, similar to how most city sign shops organize their sign inventory:

#1 | #2 | #3

How much is your collection worth?

Not sure. I am not in the hobby for monetary reasons, so I've never added it all up.

Do you restore old signs back to their original appearance?

With the exception of the "Stop - Thru Traffic" and yellow "Yield" signs, all of my signs and signals are in the condition in which I received them. Many of the signs in my collection show signs of wear and rust, but I keep them as such so they maintain their sense of nostalgia.

Question not answered above?

Send me an e-mail. Please include a SUBJECT in your subject line! (e.g. "Question about traffic signs.") With my e-mail load, I'm likely to assume messages without a subject are SPAM.

Due to the volume of e-mail received, all messages may not be responded to. Please check the FAQ above before sending a question.


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